Elizabeth is a magnetic striking walk-in tub that's a sure provocateur. The enigmatic beauty of the wood's grains on this piece will surely seduce you as the wood gracefully bends outwards on the tub's regal sharp edges and enchant you into stepping in and stepping away into an inviting promise of tranquility. Elizabeth was elegantly designed and handcrafted using special wood-twisting and wood-bending techniques. Every measurement from the angle of the back-rest to the total depth of this tub was carefully calculated using architectural and engineering applications to ensure you of the ultimate remarkable sensual Bath Experience.

Every piece of wood used was carefully and thoroughly dried before use and upon completion of piece, all of the wood pieces were carefully  and completely sealed for complete water resistance.



Height 78.8 Inches

Width 39.4 Inches

Length 39.4 Inches


Available in Burmese Teak only.


Handcrafted item that is ready and available for shipping worldwide.



Item number BT2203


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